Proprietary Tech Software

The Hexagol Tech Pack offers a revolutionary way to enjoy football. By combining traditional drills with cutting edge technology players can test and track improvements in ball-control, passing, shooting, reactions and stamina.

Within the “Cell’, the Tech Pack consists of 12 LED illuminated targets; 6 net mounted and 6 corner mounted kick-boards. These connect wirelessly to the Hexagol S.P.A.C.E.S iOS app via the bluetooth 4.0 Basestation. The simple and intuitive S.P.A.C.E.S app contains a number of games designed specifically to hone and improve certain player attributes.



Performance data is automatically uploaded to a cloud database where progress can be monitored remotely, by both players and coaches, via the online dashboard. 

The robust HDPE and polycarbonate targets contain specially calibrated piezo force sensors to ensure accuracy and long life. The targets offer a full day session on a single charge via the inbuilt Li-Poly batteries. At the end of the day charging couldn’t be simpler with the supplied charging harness and carry case.