Playing games does not make the player - practice makes the player. Hexagol is a unique, mobile training system that, through practice and repetition, improves skill levels of players of all ages.



Playing within the “Cell’ is designed to condense the game, to keep the ball contained and the player always moving. Hexagol intensifies the training, providing multiple targets and objectives that will test the player, developing control, passing, reactions and shooting.

Small sided games or individual practice sessions increase the players time on task, and push training to the top of the exertion scales. Players build up scores by hitting numbered targets. Recording scores allows coaches and players to measure tangible improvements in player skill levels.



At a time when the phenomenal growth of the sports industry risks separating clubs and players from the fans, there has never been a better time to ensure you offer entertainment and value, to give something back.

Anywhere your fans, players and customers go, Hexagol can go. Engage and entertain before the match, and throughout the summer close season - in city centres, public parks and housing estates.

Appealing to the kids on the street is vital. Those who buy the strips and merchandise. Those who support their team through club websites and forums.

The kids who watch the goals on TV, and play as their heroes on Playstation and X-Box. Hexagol’s attraction is it’s unique visual appearance and original games and challenges. It is a safe immersive environment that encourages and rewards players of all ages and skill levels.



Hexagol is a 21st century innovation that takes the game to the player like no other. It attracts more kids to sport and entertains and rewards them in a safe, fun, environment.